Changes to Items

Auction House

When selling an item through the Auction House, the seller now pays a registration fee for putting the item up for sale, and a sales fee for when the item sells.

Registration Fee: The greater number of either 1,000 Adena or 0.01% of the item’s Sale Price per day that the item is registered for sale. For example, if an item’s Sale Price is 200,000,000 Adena, the seller must pay a 20,000 Adena Registration Fee to put it up for sale for 1 day, 60,000 Adena Registration Fee for 3 days, 100,000 Adena for 5 days, and so on.

Sales Fee: When an item sells from the Auction House, the Sales Fee is deducted from the amount of Adena paid for the item before the payment is mailed to the seller. The Sales Fee is the greater number of either 1,000 Adena, or 0.5% of the item’s Sale Price per days that the item was registered for. For example, an item up for sale for 5 days sells for 200,000,000 Adena, so 5,000,000 Adena is deducted as the Sales Fee, and 195,000,000 Adena is mailed to the seller.



New items have been added to the Auctioneer list of items available for sale:

  • Various rare Soul Crystals
  • Blessed R95-Grade items
  • Enhanced rare accessories


Wondrous Cubic

The rewards related to Wondrous Cubics have changed. Note that the R-Grade Enchant Scrolls cannot be obtained directly from the Wondrous Cubic, but are obtained by trading fragments.

New Rewards

Removed Rewards

Cubic Fragment (R-Grade)

Wondrous Cubic

Shiny Cubic Fragment (R-Grade)

Refined Cubic (1-time use)

Standard R-Grade Enchant Scrolls

C-Grade and D-Grade Cubic Fragments

Blessed R-Grade Enchant Scrolls

Ziggo’s Jewel


Aden Reconstruction Donation System

More crafting materials are now accepted as donations to the Aden Reconstruction NPCs.

Rewards that can be acquired from the Treasure Chest (received in exchange for basic donations) have been expanded to include hair accessories, hair accessory pendants, and Attribute Stone Fragments.

Rewards that can be acquired from the Hero’s Treasure Chest (received in exchange for superior donations) now include Attribute Crystals and Super Attribute Stones. Elixirs can no longer be obtained from a Hero’s Treasure Chest.

The amount of donated crystals required in order to receive a Hero’s Treasure Chest has increased in accordance with the improved rewards.



The amount of ingredients required to craft R-Grade items has been increased. The likelihood of crafting higher quality R-Grade items has increased.

The list of items available for exchange of the following certificates has changed from standard items to crafting materials and recipes:

  • Certificates/Proofs of Fidelity
  • Certificates of Promise
  • Certificates of Life
  • Certificates of Hero
  • Certificates of Hell


Miscellaneous Changes to Items

The NPC store prices for High-Grade and Top-Grade Life Stones and A-Grade, S-Grade, and R-Grade Crystals has been reduced.

The Prison of Darkness entry Memory Fragment and Frightening Memory Fragment items can now be deleted.

The M. Atk. power of the Amaranthine Retributer weapon has increased.


Bug Fixes

  • The Refined Devil Horn item now displays correctly when placed on the ground.
  • If your character equips with a bracelet and then switches it to a lower-level bracelet, the number of Talisman slots available now adjusts correctly.
  • When converting a Bound weapon to a Standard weapon through the Blacksmith of Mammon, the weapon’s Atk. Spd. now displays correctly.
  • Augmentation description text for some weapons has been edited to be simpler and accurate.
  • The Talisman – Critical Defense effect now works correctly.
  • Awakening class cloaks no longer display in the attribute enchant list.
  • The Giant’s Dye Symbol item name and its skill description in the item tooltip now display the correct information.
  • The Unbind Scroll – R-Grade item can no longer be used to convert a bound R95-Grade item to standard.
  • When adding a Special Ability to a weapon, or a set effect to an armor set, Attack Power and Magic Power for Blessed items now displays correctly.
  • The issue of the shortcut bar’s icon of a stackable item not updating when the stacked item is used from the inventory has been fixed.
  • Hair accessories and pendants can now be acquired from the Aden Reconstruction Donation System with no issues.
  • The Aden Reconstruction Coalition Member NPC’s item sales window now displays items correctly instead of repeating the Hair Accessory Exchange icon.
  • The items Lucky Weapon Enchant Stone – R-Grade (Event) and Armor-type Enchant Backup Stone D-Grade (Event) through S-grade (Event) now work correctly.
  • The Heavenly Cocktail item description now clearly explains that the buff is applied to the user.
  • If a player level 80 to 84 equips a single R-Grade item, he or she receives one grade penalty instead of two.
  • The issue of duplicate eligible items not being shown in the attribute enchantment interface window is fixed.
  • The issue of P. Atk. or M. Atk. not increasing when a S80-Grade or lower is enchanted is fixed.
  • The issue of various R-Grade supplies not functioning with R99-Grade weapons or armor, or by level 99 characters, has been addressed. This includes R-Grade Soulshots or Blessed Spiritshots, R-Grade Armor or Weapon Enchant Scrolls, and R-Grade Elixirs of Mental Strength, Life, or CP.
  • Various single-slot head accessories now use two slots.
  • The issue of Lucky Weapon Enchant Stones – R-Grade (event) and Armor-type Enchant Backup Stones D-Grade through S-Grade (event) not functioning properly is fixed.