Changes to Hunting Areas

76 to 85 Level Range

Some preexisting hunting zones now yield higher XP and SP appropriate to higher level ranges. The Shrine of Loyalty (formerly suitable to characters levels 73 and higher) and the Imperial Tomb (formerly suitable to the upper 70s level range) are now solo hunting zones for characters from level 76 to level 85. Both of these areas also have new quests.

The amount of XP and SP gained from some monsters in the following hunting zones increased:

  • Silent Valley (a hunting field zone for characters level 74 and higher)
  • Isle of Prayer (a hunting field zone for characters level 78 and higher)
  • Plains of the Lizardmen (a hunting field zone for characters level 83 and higher)
  • Primeval Isle (a hunting field zone for characters level 83 and higher)
  • Entrance to Dragon Valley (a hunting field zone for characters level 81 and higher)


Fantasy IsleGD11-Haia.jpg

You can enter a special event on Fantasy Isle every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday by speaking to the Stage Manager Haia NPC near the stage. To join the event, three full parties of characters must form a command channel, making a raid force of 21 characters. This raid has no level requirement to join; any characters of any level can be part of the same raid.

In this event, characters perform various emotes (also known as social actions, which can be found in the Action window) at each stage of the event, in response to directions given by the Bard NPC. If the raid force successfully completes the event, its members receive Fantasy Isle Coins and the Blessing of Noblesse buff as rewards. The event's instance resets at 6:30 a.m. server time every day.


Earth Wyrm Trasken Raid

Various changes have been made to the Earth Wyrm Trasken raid and the monsters involved:

  • The Earth Wyrm Heart monster’s maximum HP has increased.
  • Earth Wyrm Trasken’s HP recovery power has greatly increased.
  • The Shilen’s Breath death penalty now applies to characters that die during the raid fight.
  • The number of characters that enter the Earth Wyrm Trasken’s body has increased from 21 to 35.



  • You can now use a new teleport path from the Gatekeeper in the town of Goddard to the Imperial Tomb.
  • There is a new one-way teleport path departing from the Gludio Airship Field and arriving at the town of Gludio.
  • Gatekeeper Sookie in the Ancient City of Arcan now offers options to teleport characters to specific floors of Orbis Temple.


Miscellaneous Hunting Area Changes

  • The monsters that appear in the Forbidden Gateway hunting area now yield higher XP and SP.
  • The amount of points needed to complete the quest in the Orbis Temple Quest Zone has increased.


Bug Fixes

  • In Antharas' Lair, the Land Dragon's Patroller Knoriks no longer returns to his original spawn point when attacked.
  • When players are inside Earth Wyrm Trasken’s body, Teredor monsters now spawn as designed.
  • NPC Daichir no longer displays dialogue about entering the Earth Wyrm Trasken Raid when it is not going on.
  • The issue of Earth Wyrm Trasken occasionally not appearing if characters fail to destroy the Earth Wyrm Heart inside the Earth Wyrm Trasken body has been fixed.
  • In the Seed of Annihilation, the raid bosses Dopagen and Taklacan’s debuffs now apply correct to characters when attacked.
  • The issue of a character not being able to re-enter the Balthus Knights: Antharas Expedition instanced dungeon as an individual has been fixed.
  • Fairy Citizen NPCs in the Ancient City of Arcan can no longer be affected by knockback and pull skills.
  • Kimerian now appears as expected during the Kimerian Epic Battle.
  • Monsters in the Monastery of Silence now drop the Secret Key item as they should.
  • The Orbis Temple areas Room of Wisdom and Room of Bravery can no longer be registered in a character’s My Teleports collection.
  • The Entrance to Crystal Caverns teleport device at Parnassus now lists the correct instance to enter according to the Crystal Cavern’s instanced dungeon schedule.
  • The issue of Wisps occasionally not spawning in Fairy Settlement is fixed.
  • The issue of the Lineage II game client occasionally freezing when a character receives a system message while in the Seed of Annihilation Nursery instance is fixed.