Kartia's Labyrinth

The Dimensional Rift has already changed the way adventurers perceive the world. Now, with Shilen’s awakening, the boundaries between dimensions have become even more distorted. Kartia’s Labyrinth is a strategic stronghold that exists in another dimension. It is ruled by three of the Goddess’s most beloved demons. The Kartia Researcher now found in the town of Aden has been sent there to recruit brave adventurers to fight the demons of the Labyrinth, lest they pour into our own dimension and bring destruction and woe.


The new Kartia's Labyrinth instanced dungeon has three difficulty levels: 85, 90, and 95. You can enter solo or in a party for each level range. (Kartia's Labyrinth has six versions, one per each of the three level ranges and per solo or party play.) If you enter solo, you are grouped with NPCs of basic class types, with some say in which classes accompany you.

Enter the instanced zone by speaking to the Kartia Researcher NPC who can be found in the central plaza of the town of Aden. The instanced dungeon’s lockout timer resets at 6:30 a.m. server time every day.

The Kartia Researcher in Aden also offers Kartia's Labyrinth daily quests for each of the six versions of Kartia’s Labyrinth.

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