Sayune and Adventure Marks


Sayune was a demi-god, the child of a Giant and Sayha. Because his inherited powers were a combination of wind and grandeur, Sayune had the unique ability to jump higher and further than any other creature. With this power, he could travel across the land quickly. During the war between the gods and the Giants, their servant-warriors the Spiculas needed to travel great distances quickly. Sayune’s ability was studied and recreated as a skill that other people could use. Now, Sayune locations have been activated in various places in the world.

This transportation system is similar to a teleport system: It has fixed routes and start- and end-points. Only Awakened classes can use Sayune. Characters in a Chaotic state cannot use it.

Current Sayune locations are:

  • Aden:
    • Talking Island Village
    • Ye Sagira
    • Dark Forest
  • Magmeld:
    • Ancient City of Arcan
    • Fairy Settlement
    • Genesis Garden
  • Gracia:
    • Keucereus Alliance Base
    • Gludio Airship Wharf


Adventurer’s Marks

When hunting in certain party hunting zones, party members can receive one Adventurer’s Mark each day. Marks can be exchanged for Seals by speaking to the Adventurer Guildsman NPCs that appear in certain instanced zones. The Seals, in turn, can be exchanged for various other items through the same NPCs.

There are four different kinds of Adventurer’s Marks and of Seals.

Adventurer’s Mark

Zone Obtained in

Exchange with NPC in

Exchanged for

Adventurer’s Mark – Loyalty

Harnak Underground Ruins,  Seed of Annihilation

Teredor Instance

20 Seals of Loyalty

Adventurer’s Mark – Pledge

Garden of Genesis

Fortuna, Prison of Darkness

20 Seals of Pledge

Adventurer’s Mark – Sincerity

Orbis Temple

Altar of Shilen

20 Seals of Sincerity

Adventurer’s Mark – Spirit

Orbis Temple

Crystal Caverns

20 Seals of Spirit


Changes to Adventure Guide NPCs

Adventure Guide NPCs in each village now offer quests for and a variety of information about hunting zones. The quests can be accepted by characters of level 40 through level 80. The list of available quests changes depending on the day.

Characters who click Today’s Tips when speaking to an Adventure Guide NPC will receive useful game information as well as a daily reward.

Adventure Guide NPCs also give useful buffs to characters of level 75 or below.