Party Replacement System

The Party Replacement system has been added to the game to make it easier to add players to ongoing parties if original members have to leave. The system checks the applicant character's level and class and automatically recommends compatible characters to a party leader looking for a replacement.

Looking for a party as a replacement:

  • When you log in to Goddess of Destruction, you will see a small Matching Party interface window, with a loading animation and a Stop button. As long as this window is open, you are in the queue to be automatically placed in a party when a spot becomes available.
  • To remove yourself from the queue, click the Stop button. The window will disappear.
  • To join the queue again, open your Actions window and click the Start/Stop Automatic Party Search icon.
  • When a party is found, the Matching Party window will turn into a party request window. The request will tell you the party’s location and type (hunting, raid, etc.) and what role you are to fill.
  • If you accept the party invitation, you will immediately be teleported to the party leader. The party member you are replacing has three minutes to leave the party, unless the party leader orders the replacement to happen immediately. When the departing character leaves, you enter the party.

Replacing a party member:

  • Only the party leader can initiate the party member replacement process.
  • To replace a party member, click on the small icon at the top right of that character’s name in the party window. This flags that character as being replaceable by another character of a similar level and class. The Matching Party window will appear, with a loading animation and a Stop button.
  • When the system has found a character who fits the role and is looking for a party, the Matching Party window will disappear while it invites that character to join your party. If the character rejects the invitation, you will see a system message notification in the chat window. To continue looking for a replacement, you must re-register the character you wish to replace.
  • If the replacement character accepts the invitation, that character is teleported to you immediately (as long as you are both in a zone where the Party Replacement system can be used). A new window appears saying that a replacement has been found and the switch will take place in three minutes, or as soon as the departing character has left. You have the option of forcing the switch to take place immediately, regardless of the timer or of whether the departing character is still in the party. You can do this by clicking the Immediate Replacement button.

After a replacement occurs, all party members receive some useful buffs:

  • Momentary Invincibility: Invincible for 10 seconds
  • Increased Concentration: Increase in Exp. gained by 3% for 10 minutes

The Party Replacement system cannot be used in the following situations:

  • You are in a World Raid Boss area.
  • You are in an unsummonable area.
  • You are in an instanced dungeon with a reset timer.
  • You are a Battleground-registered character.
  • You are participating in PvP activity.