Newbie Experience

The new player experience has been revamped to make it easier for new players to learn to play, level up, and receive weapons, armor and Adena up to level 40. This is done by guiding the character through a new quest series that includes a tutorial as well as an introduction to the story of Goddess of Destruction.

Newbie Guides remain in the game, but they no longer provide newbie items and can only be found in Talking Island Village, Gludin, and Gludio. To receive newbie buffs, you no longer need to talk to the Newbie Guide and ask for the buffs; now, you can simply walk up to Newbie Guides in town and they will buff you automatically when you are close enough.

When characters reach level 40, they receive a guidebook in their inventory. The guidebook recommends good XP locations and related daily quests (if any) for every level range up to 85. At level 85, characters receive another guidebook that gives information on the hunting zones appropriate for levels 85 through 99.