Fame is a preexisting point system that encourages sanctioned PvP activity. By participating in various sanctioned PvP activities, a character can accumulate points and spend the points on a large selection of items. In Goddess of Destruction, the Fame system has been boosted to make it easier to use and more rewarding. The maximum amount of Fame points a character can accumulate is now 20,000,000 points (the previous maximum was 100,000 points).

The points awarded for sanctioned PvP activities have been increased ten-fold. The new amounts are as follows:

  • Castle sieges: 1,250 points
  • Territory wars: 1,250 points
  • Fortress battles: 310 points
  • Clan Hall takeover battles at Bandit Stronghold, Devastated Castle, Fortress of the Dead, and Wild Beast Reserve: 750 points
  • Clan Hall battle at Fortress of Resistance: 190 points
  • Underground Coliseum: 800 points for a single win, and 10 times the previous reward given for each consecutive win

New and changed items that can be purchased with Fame points:

  • Territory Manager
    • R-grade and higher Underwear and Belts, normal or with the option of attaching an ornament
    • Rune clips and magic ornaments that imbue R-grade items such as belts
    • Top-grade protective accessories for each territory
  • Fortress Support Unit Captain
    • Dyes for Awakened characters
    • R-grade talismans
  • Grand Olympiad Manager
    • R-grade and higher equipment
    • Superior Giant’s Codexes of all types

Olympiad Tokens can now be converted into Fame points.

  • Reputation Manager
    • New: R-grade Weapon Enchant Scroll
    • New: R-grade Armor Enchant Scroll
    • New: R-grade Elixirs of Life, both normal and Greater
    • New: R-grade Elixirs of Mental Strength, both normal and Greater
    • New: R-grade Elixirs of CP, both normal and Greater

PK count can now be reduced by 1 in exchange for 500,000 Fame points.


Clan Reputation

The amount of Fame points needed to convert into Clan Reputation points has changed to 10,000 points (the previous amount was 1,000 points). As before, a clan must be level 5 or higher to participate in castle sieges or territory wars. A clan that registers with one of those activities now receives one Clan Reputation point every five minutes during the siege or war period. If a clan is registered and actually partakes in the activity, each clan member also receives Fame points.

Clan Merchants Ilia, in Aden, and Mulia, in Rune, now sell Blood Oath for 500 Clan Reputation points and Blood Alliance for 20,000 Clan Reputation points. These items are required in raising a clan from level 9 to level 10.