Olympiad Changes

The Olympiad is now restricted to characters of level 85 or above who have completed their fourth class transfer by Awakening. Once each week, every eligible character will receive 10 Olympiad points, and the number of matches each character has done is reset. Each character can take part in up to 50 matches each week. Players are now matched against opponents of similar capabilities. Olympiad matches now take place from 6 p.m. to 12 midnight (server time) on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, instead of every day. The schedule of available match types has also changed.


Match Type

Week 1

1 vs 1 Match

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4 (5)

1 vs 1 Class Match

3 vs 3 team matches are no longer available.


Grand Olympiad Manager

New buffs are now available:

Skill Name


Horn Melody Lv. 1


Drum Melody Lv. 1

Pipe Organ Melody Lv. 1

Guitar Melody Lv. 1

Harp Melody Lv. 1

Lute Melody Lv. 1

Knight's Harmony Lv. 1

Not stackable

Warrior's Harmony Lv. 1

Wizard's Harmony Lv. 1

New items can now be purchased using Individual Fame points, Olympiad Tokens, or Adena:

  • R-grade or higher equipment
  • Superior Giant’s Codex
  • Superior Giant’s Codex – Oblivion
  • Superior Giant’s Codex – Discipline
  • Superior Giant’s Codex – Mastery

Olympiad Tokens can now be converted into Individual Fame points.
The item Ancient Book – Divine Inspiration (Original Version) is no longer sold by the Grand Olympiad Manager NPC, but it can be obtained as a drop while hunting.


Daily Olympiad Quest Rewards

  •  Olympiad Starter
    • Participation in three matches now gives a character one Awakened Hero’s Olympiad Treasure Chest.
    • Participation in five matches now gives a character one Awakened Hero’s Olympiad Treasure Chest and 6,000 Individual Fame points.
    • Participation in ten matches now gives a character two Awakened Hero’s Olympiad Treasure Chests and 10,000 Individual Fame points.
  • Olympiad Undefeated
    • Two consecutive wins now gives a character one Awakened Hero's Olympiad Treasure Chest.
    • Five consecutive wins now gives a character three Awakened Hero's Olympiad Treasure Chests and 10,000 Individual Fame points.
    • Ten Consecutive Wins now gives a character six Awakened Hero's Olympiad Treasure Chests and 20,000 Individual Fame points.

The Awakened Hero's Olympiad Treasure Chest contains:

  • Olympiad Tokens
  • Superior Giant's Codex
  • 4 R-Grade Potions: Elixir of Life, Elixir of Mental Strength, Elixir of CP, and Warrior's Quick Healing Potion
  • Olympiad Guardian's Accessory


Olympiad Heroes

Because now only Awakened characters can participate in the Olympiad, the number of Heroes inaugurated each month has changed to eight, one for each Awakened class.

The duration of the Hero Inauguration effect has increased.

New R-grade Hero weapons have been added to the game. All previous Hero weapons have been removed.

Weapon Name

Weapon Type

Weapon Appearance

Infinity Shaper



Infinity Cutter



Infinity Slasher

Two-Handed Sword


Infinity Avenger



Infinity Fighter



Infinity Stormer



Infinity Thrower



Infinity Shooter



Infinity Buster

Magical Sword


Infinity Caster

Magical Blunt


Infinity Retributer

Magical Two-Handed Blunt


Infinity Dual Sword

Dual Sword


Infinity Dual Dagger

Dual Dagger


Infinity Dual Blunt

Dual Blunt


All Hero weapons have an increase in Max HP, MP, CP, Atk. Spd., Casting Spd., and PvP damage. In addition, fighter Hero weapons get a P. Critical Rate boost, and magic Hero weapons get an Acumen boost that stacks with the included Casting Spd. increase.

When a Hero is inaugurated, the Hero’s clan now receives 5,000 Clan Reputation points.

New Hero cloaks have been added to the game:

  • A Hero’s cloak for the Hero in each character class
  • Cloaks of Honor for the 2nd and 3rd runners-up in each character class.

Both kinds of cloak have an increase in Max HP and CP, and M. Def. +50.


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