New Raid Boss Items

With the increased difficulty of epic raid bosses and the addition of new epic raid bosses to the game, new raid boss items are now available.

The Blessed Earring of Antharas and the Blessed Earring of Valakas can now be acquired by trading with NPC Rafforty at the Ice Merchant Cabin. These blessed items are R-grade and their stats are higher than those of their counterparts, the Earring of Antharas and the Necklace of Valakas.

New Raid Boss Item

Required Items for Trade with Rafforty


Blessed Earring of Antharas

Earring of Antharas

Bottle of Antharas Soul

Increases MP bonus, resistance to Bleed, Bleed activation rate, healing, and Vampiric Rage effect, resistances to Stun/Mental attacks, Stun/Mental attack rates, Earth resistance, Holy resistance, P. Def., M. Def., CON, and MEN; decreases MP cost for physical/magic skills. The character can use the Cancel Stun skill, and resistance to Stun increases temporarily. Effects of only one earring apply, even if a character wears two of the same earring.

Blessed Earring of Valakas

Necklace of Valakas

Bottle of Valakas Soul

Increases HP, MP, resistance to Sleep, Sleep attack rate, P. Atk., M. Atk., Wild Magic effect, Damage Shield effect, Fire Def., Dark Def., and P. Skill Attack; decreases reuse time for physical/magic skills. The character can use the Cancel Hold skill, and resistance to Hold increases temporarily.

The items Bottle of Antharas Soul and Bottle of Valakas Soul can be acquired by hunting Antharas and Valakas. However, the instanced dungeon Antharas raid does not drop a Bottle of Antharas Soul.

The Earth Wyrm Heart Ring can be acquired by hunting the epic raid boss Earth Wyrm Trasken. It is an R-grade item with the following stats:

  • Increases MP bonus, P. resistance, M. resistance, MP regeneration, P. Critical Damage, P. accuracy, resistance to Poison, Poison attack rate, resistances to Knock Back / Knock Down / Pull, Atk. Spd., Casting Spd., and Wind/Water Defenses. The character can use a skill that boosts a party member's Atk. Spd., Casting Spd., and Vampyric effect, and can also remove poison.

New rare items that can be obtained from the Istina and Octavis raids or epic raids:

Item Name

Obtained From


Istina's Ring

Istina Raid

Increases accuracy, critical chance, and resistance to Water

Istina's Earring

Increases resistance to Shock, Shock attack chance, vampiric rage effect, and resistance to Wind

Istina's Necklace

Increases resistance to Holy, decreases skill delay decrease, and gives damage shield effect

Istina's Belt

Istina Epic Raid

Increases HP recovery and adds six inventory slots

Istina's Bracelet

Activates five talisman slots

Istina's Shirt

Increases HP

Octavis’s Ring

Octavis Raid

Increases critical damage and resistance to Fire

Octavis’s Earring

Increases resistance to hold/sleep, hold/sleep attack rate, and resistance to Earth

Octavis’s Necklace

Increases resistance to darkness and skill P. Attack

Octavis’s Belt

Octavis Epic Raid

Increases MP regeneration and increases weight limit by 13,000

Octavis’s Bracelet

Activates five talisman slots

Octavis’s Shirt

Increases MP