New Items

A large number of R-grade accessories, potions, and other items have been added to the game.

  • Earrings, rings, and necklaces: There is a new set of earrings, rings, and necklaces for each of the four R-grade and higher armor sets: Immortal, Twilight, Seraph, and Eternal. These, like the armor, are in the Unidentified state when obtained, and become Bound, Standard, or Blessed upon identification. Upgrading a rare accessory resets its enchant value to 0.
  • R-grade and higher shirts: Shirts automatically give your character a boost in P. Def, but some shirts also boost your HP, MP, or CP. The shirts currently available are Immortal, Twilight, and Seraph. They can be acquired by spending Territory Badges, Reputation, or Adena at a Territory Manager NPC in any town.
  • R-grade and higher bracelets: There are four crafted bracelets, to match the four new R-grade and higher armor sets: Immortal, Twilight, Seraph, and Eternal. The bracelets each give an MP boost and open up slots for five talismans.
  • R-grade talismans: These talismans can be purchased from an Adventurer Guildsman NPC with seals obtained as rewards from certain instanced dungeons. It is also possible to purchase them from supply captains as rewards for PvP activities such as castle and fortress sieges.
  • R-grade and higher belts: Some belts can be crafted, and others can only be obtained as drops by certain monsters. The belts that are craftable can also be enhanced with magic rune clips and magic ornaments. These may be added to a belt by speaking to a Territory Manager.
  • R-grade Life Stones and Accessory-type Life Stones: These newly added Life Stones are not divided by level, but rather by grade.
  • R-grade dyes and tattoos: These can be used by any character who has completed the fourth-class transfer, regardless of his or her class. R-grade dyes can be purchased from the Questionable Dye Merchant standing next to the Symbol Maker in each village, or obtained as a PvP reward.
  • R-grade Elixirs of Life, Mental Strength, CP and Blessing: These can be used by a character of level 85 or higher. Elixirs of Blessing give an Awakened character the following buffs for 30 minutes: Horn Melody, Guitar Melody, Pipe Organ Melody, Lute Melody, and Harp Melody. The reuse time for an Elixir of Blessing is two minutes. Elixirs of Blessing can be crafted.

Other new jewelry items for each territory are now available as rewards for participating in Territory Wars. These include rings, earrings, and necklaces offering a variety of stat boosts depending on the item.

A new arrow supply system has been added to the game. Characters can now purchase Infinite Quivers or Infinite Bolt Containers, which contain an endless supply of arrows or bolts, respectively. Conventional arrows can still be used, but they can no longer be obtained by hunting monsters. Quivers and bolt containers can be purchased from Grocer NPCs in any town except for Talking Island Village. The quiver and container names differ according to the item grade:

  • No grade: Infinite Wooden Quiver
  • D-grade: Infinite Bone Quiver / Bolt Container
  • C-grade: Infinite Steel Quiver / Bolt Container
  • B-grade: Infinite Silver Quiver / Bolt Container
  • A-grade: Infinite Mithril Quiver / Bolt Container
  • S-grade: Infinite Shining Quiver / Bolt Container
  • R-grade: Infinite Orichalcum Quiver / Bolt Container


Aden Donation System

In the wake of the destruction caused by Shilen’s awakening, the land and the people of Aden have suffered greatly. Adventurers are asked to donate what they can to ease the plight of the people and to help rebuild the beautiful and proud land of Aden. As thanks for their donations, adventurers can receive certain rewards. Visit Moe in Giran or Eeny in Talking Island Village to make a donation.

As reward for a donation of 50,000 Adena and certain required amounts of basic crafting materials and D-, C-, or B-grade crystals, characters receive a Treasure Chest. As reward for a donation of a combination of A-, S-, or R-grade crystals and gemstones, characters receive a Hero’s Treasure Chest.