Auction House

We have added an Auction House to the game. It is a server-wide sales system that allows a character to put a tradable item up for sale to other characters. The item is kept in the Auction House and is up for sale even while the seller is not online. The item stays up for sale until it is bought by another character, or the sales time expires. Sellers can list items for any price they choose. When a buyer purchases an item, the Auction House transfers the item into the buyer’s inventory and transfers the payment to the seller.

The Sales tab allows you to easily find an item you want to buy. You can browse for items by searching for item quality, item grade, and keyword. All of the items that match your search are displayed in a list. You can sort the list by item name, grade, quantity (useful when searching for stackable items), and price. You can also browse items by category. If your inventory or weight capacity is too full to receive an item you purchase, you must make room in your inventory before you can make the purchase.

The Registration tab allows you to put your own items up for sale. From a display of the items in your inventory that can be sold through the Auction House, you select the item you want to sell, decide on a price, and decide how many days you want to leave the item up for sale. The item goes on sale right away. The longest you can leave an item up for sale is seven days, but each day adds to the registration fee (0.5% of the sales price) that you must pay to the Auction House. The Registration tab also shows a list of items you currently have up for sale. When someone purchases an item from your list, you receive the purchase amount by in-game mail. If your item is not purchased by the time its registration period expires, the item is returned to you. If you change your mind, you can remove an item from sale and the item will be moved back into your inventory. The registration fee is not refundable. If your inventory or weight capacity is too full to receive the item you removed from sale, you must make room in your inventory before you can retrieve the item.

The Auction House can be accessed by speaking to a Trade Broker NPC in any major city. While a character has an item registered at the Auction House, the character cannot be deleted or transferred to a different server.