Talking Island

Talking Island Village | Ye Sagira | Labyrinth of Belis | Harnak Underground Ruins

As Shilen awoke, she used her powers to pull the floating island Ye Sagira from the sky and hurl it down toward the continent of Aden. Ye Sagira landed on Talking Island, shattering into countless pieces and devastating the island. Now, the geography of Talking Island is much changed. It remains a low-level newbie area, and it is the site of the revamped newbie quest series. Talking Island Village has been rebuilt as a magnificent town with every kind of shop and store.


Talking Island VillageTalking-Island-Village.jpg

The original Talking Island Village was destroyed when Ye Sagira smashed into the island. As the other races' villages were also destroyed or abandoned, all of the races came together to rebuild Talking Island Village. The ruins of the original village can be glimpsed in a steep valley just outside the new village. The new Talking Island Village is the starting place for new characters of all races. A revamped newbie quest series begins here and guides new characters through basic tutorials around the island.

Some places of note in Talking Island Village:

  • The Administration Office: Race-specific NPCs can be found here. They provide characters with class transfers, newbie items and quests, and some general game tips and guides.
  • The Museum: Although the Museum feature can be viewed through an interface panel in the main menu, the Museum building in Talking Island Village is its headquarters. Statues of characters can be found both inside the Museum building and just outside the main entrance to the village.
  • Kookaru Handler: A girl standing near the entrance to Talking Island Village offers a free ride on a mechanical bird so that characters can explore and travel across the island quickly.
  • Town Square: The center of Talking Island Village is populated with shops and NPCs of all kinds.
  • Gatekeepers: There are two Gatekeepers in Talking Island Village. One is in the Town Square; he teleports characters to Ye Sagira once they have unlocked that area by traveling there on foot. The other Gatekeeper is east of the Museum; she can teleport characters to the main Aden continent.

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Ye SagiraYe-Sagira.jpg

Recommended Level

Zone Type


Solo Hunting

Ye Sagira once held the Royal Palace of Ye Sagira, home to King Harnak of the Giants. It was a shining symbol of the Giants’ advanced technology, as evidenced by the glowing glyphs and mysteriously shaped stone constructions. After the war between the Giants and the gods, the city was abandoned, but it is rumored that many relics and technology of the Giants’ era remained inside. Now that Ye Sagira has been shattered across Talking Island, explorers from far and wide have come to study the ruins. It was the study of these ruins that brought a population to the island and allowed the reconstruction of Talking Island Village.

The ruins of Ye Sagira are split into five exploration zones. Characters can move between these zones in numbered order by using red teleport devices to move forward and blue teleport devices to move backward. The whole area is involved in the newbie quest series.

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Labyrinth of BelisLabyrinth-of-Belis.jpg

Recommended Level

Zone Type


Solo Instanced Dungeon

Harnak, the last king of the Giants, had a beautiful queen named Belis. Harnak was jealous, and he constructed a labyrinth to protect his wife from any person who might gaze upon her with desire. Despite this, Gran Kain managed to find Belis and seduce her. In a rage, Harnak murdered Belis and secluded himself in an underground sanctuary. Now, the Labyrinth of Belis is overrun by deadly agents of the Embryo cult, who seek to empower Shilen and bring destruction.

The Labyrinth of Belis is the site for the portion of the newbie quest series that brings a character to the first class transfer. When on this quest, a character may enter the labyrinth by speaking to Sebion in the Ye Sagira ruins. Inside, the character is guided through the different rooms by a helpful NPC. Although the path through the dungeon is very clear, each room has a different challenge that the character must overcome in order to continue. When the dungeon boss is killed, the quest is complete.

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Harnak Underground RuinsHarnak-Underground-Ruins.jpg

Recommended Level

Zone Type


Party Hunting Dungeon

After losing his queen, King Harnak wasted away in his underground sanctuary in the lower levels of the Ye Sagira Royal Palace. Although Harnak is long since dead, his presence haunts the dungeon.

Harnak Underground Ruins can be entered by speaking to Hadel in Exploration Zone 1 of Ye Sagira. The dungeon comprises three floors with eight chambers each. A teleport device in the center of the dungeon allows characters to move between the three floors. The second and third floors contain seals, which can be broken in order to summon more creatures, culminating in the appearances of raid bosses Harnak’s Wraith and Harnak’s Evil Spirit.

Seals are broken by using certain items that drop from monsters in the dungeon. When a seal breaks, the character receives additional buffs while Noctum and Demonic Noctum monsters appear in the chamber. When all the seals on a floor are broken and all the Noctum and Demonic Noctum monsters are killed, the raid boss Harnak’s Wraith or Harnak’s Evil Spirit will appear, depending on which floor’s seals were broken.

This dungeon is also a Quest Zone.

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