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Altar of Evil

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Solo Hunting Area

Shilen's blood rained down on the world and sickened the continent. The followers of Shilen, who gathered in the Dark Elf Village to worship her, built the Altar of Evil at a site where the blood tore the fabric of the dimensions and created a rift. There, they waited for the coming of the Disciples of Darkness.

The Altar of Evil is west of the Dark Elf Village. At night, all monsters at the Altar of Evil are more powerful than during the day. The raid boss Stygian Queen sometimes appears here at night.


Shilen’s Altar

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Party Hunting Instanced Dungeon

The Goddess of Destruction awakened when the seven seals imprisoning her were removed by the Embryo cult, an organization dedicated to the resurrection of Shilen. To complete an avatar that can hold Shilen's soul, the cult built a gigantic altar that absorbs energy from offerings sent from the Catacombs and Necropolis.

The dungeon can only be entered when a character has a specific campaign quest active. A group of seven characters can enter Shilen's Altar at once. The dungeon comprises three levels of rooms and ramps leading down. This path must be travelled three times, each time harder than the last, before characters finally emerge into the large room that contains the altar itself. There, the raid boss twins Maliss and Isadora can be found.


Balthus Knights: Antharas Expedition

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Instanced Dungeon Raid

When the lunar influence shifted after the arrival of the Dark Moon, the kingdom of Aden detected suspicious movements by the dragon Antharas and dispatched an expeditionary force to investigate. With the help of Antharas Watcher Theodric, it has become possible to dispatch many men quickly to Antharas's Lair.

On the 1st and the 15th of every month, this instanced dungeon may be entered by characters in a raid force of 14 to 35 characters by talking to Theodric at the entrance of Antharas's Lair.