Pet Window and More

Pet/Servitor Window

The Pet or Servitor Management window has been expanded and improved. For example, if a Wynn Summoner has four servitors summoned at the same time, all four are displayed in a new arrangement in the servitor interface window.

Situation Buttons on the Radar Map

There is a new icon on the radar map that opens bulletins. At the top right of the radar map is a Situation Information button. When you click this button, you can see the status UI for zone quests, campaigns, and PvP content such as Block Checkers, Aerial Cleft, Underground Coliseum, and Kratei's Cube. A maximum of seven situation information buttons can be displayed.

Inventory Expansion

You now have the option to expand the Inventory window horizontally. The capacity of your inventory has not changed, but the visual expansion allows you to more easily browse through your items.

Warehouse and Store Sorting

A new function has been added to warehouse and private store inventories that causes automatic sorting of the items displayed.

View a Target’s Buffs

You are now able to see a target's buffs and debuffs. If a target has a buff or debuff of any kind, it will be displayed to the right of the target window. You can see up to eight buffs or debuffs that you cast on the target, and up to 12 buffs or 24 debuffs that have been cast on the target by others, for a total of 32 effects that can be displayed. The effects are displayed in three rows.

Party Window

The Party window can now have up to seven members, and displays each party member's Vitality information. The layout has also been changed in order to reflect multiple summoned pets or servitors. A servitor's HP and MP information are no longer displayed in the Party window.

Party Tokens

Party leaders can now visually label targets by assigning tokens to them. In the Actions window, the party leader selects one of the four available token icons to apply to a target. Players can simply click the Target Token button in the Actions window in order to target the object with that token. This helps players target more easily during massive raid or PvP events.

Notification Icons

Various notification pop-ups have been added to the game to alert you when important things happen. For example, when a character levels up and can learn new skills, a small blinking open book icon will appear in a window on the screen. Click on the book to go directly to the Learn Skills tab. There are different notification icons for different events: a quest scroll for quest updates, a question mark for tutorial prompts, and so on.