The Museum is a new system that keeps a constant record of the server’s overall statistics and of the statistics of every character on the server. The purpose of the Museum is to bring players closer together by letting them see where their characters stand among others and by promoting friendly competition.

The Museum includes both monthly and all-time records for a wide variety of topics. The monthly records are linked to the statue pedestals seen in towns and villages across Aden. Every month, the top character in each topic is depicted as a bronze statue on one of these pedestals.

The Museum's statistics are divided into five main categories: General, Hunting Field, Raid, PvP, and Clan. Within each of those are many sub-categories, for a total of 50 topics, some which are further divided by grade or class. There is fame to be found regardless of a character’s level or playstyle. The Museum keeps records for topics such as the Clan with the most Fame, the character with the highest PvP count, the highest damage to a monster, the most weapon enchant attempts per grade, and the character who has died most often.

The Museum interface can be accessed through the System menu on your screen, or by speaking to the Museum Keeper NPC inside the Museum building in Talking Island Village. In the Museum interface window, there is a View Server Record tab and a View My Record tab. The View My Record tab shows both your total and monthly rankings in all categories. The View Server Record tab shows the total and monthly rankings in all categories of all the server’s characters combined. When you view a server record, the list of rankings jumps to your placement on the list.

The system will begin recording statistics when the servers open after being updated to Goddess of Destruction.