Map Changes

You now have the option to display all teleport routes on the map. When you are viewing the map in full size, check the box at the bottom. When you are viewing the map in small size, click the Tracking button. One-way and two-way teleports are shown in different colors. When the teleport routes display is turned on, the depictions of all peace zones are highlighted on the map for easy spotting.

A new type of mini-map has been added to the game that allows players to see the different levels of some zones. Each applicable zone is indicated on the main map as a purple zoom-in button. The zones that currently have this map type are Orbis Temple and Monastery of Silence. When viewing the mini-map, you can switch between different floor views through a drop-down menu at the top left.

As before, the map shows icons for Cursed swords when they are in-game, and gold map pins for steps in a quest. Now, these features have been improved with the addition of the tracking function. Click the Tracking button in the map window to see a new window open. There are tabs for Quests, Cursed Swords, and Raids. When you select something to track from one of these lists, your map will have a gold marker showing you where it is, and you will also see a compasslike ring around your character. The ring is helpful by not only guiding you easily to your quest destination, but also by keeping tabs on the location of a raid boss or Cursed sword while you are moving or fighting.