Learn Skill Tab

New skills can now be learned through the Skill window, through a new tab called Learn Skill. When you level up, if there are new skills available for you to learn, an icon that looks like an open book will blink on your screen. Click the icon to go to the Learn Skill tab. There, you will see the following:

  • Skill to be newly learned (lists the skills that you are able to learn for the first time)
  • Skill to be leveled up (lists the skills that you already know but that can be upgraded)
  • Skill to be learned (lists the skills that you can learn when you reach a higher character level)


The list of skills you can learn also displays each skill’s level, MP cost, cast time, and reuse time. The skills that you cannot yet learn are grayed out, do not display this additional information, and cannot be selected, but their information can still be found in the mouse-over tool tip. In the Active skills tab, skills that you cannot use in your current condition are also grayed out.

When you click a skill to learn it, the Learn Skill window will open. It tells you basic information about what the skill does and how much SP it will cost to learn, as well as what skills must be deleted (if applicable) in exchange for the new skill. Not all skills require the deletion of another skill. Most skills that require you to delete other skills are the ones that you learn upon Awakening, when you trade in your old class’ skills for the new class’ revamped counterpart skills.

You can learn skills at any time and place through the Learn Skill tab. Because there is no longer a need for characters to return to town to learn skills, class trainer NPCs no longer have the skill training function.