Character Creation Screens

The character selection screen, which you see after selecting a server, has a new background image. The background now shows the inside of the Museum in Talking Island Village, where new players start the game. The character selection screen now displays a character’s Reputation level instead of Karma level.


The character creation screen has been revamped to make it easier for players to quickly switch between the different race, class type, gender, and appearance options. The models have also been updated with R-grade armor and weapons. When you select a race and class type, information about your selection is displayed. There, you can read lore and characteristics about the race as well as information about the race's basic stats and class type combinations.


In addition, there is a Class Path button. When you click this button, a pop-up window opens that displays the entire class evolution tree of the race and class type you have selected. You can mouse over the class path steps to learn more about each.


The rotate and zoom functions for viewing the character model now move more smoothly. When you choose a name for your character, there is a new function that allows you to check to see if the name is available before you attempt to create the character.