Subclass and Dual Class

Characters can now make a dual class out of one of their existing subclasses. While subclasses have a level cap of 80, a dual class does not have this restriction: It can be raised to level 99 and it can Awaken through a fourth class transfer. The Dual Class ability is obtained by completing the Split Destiny quest. The list of subclasses that a character can choose has changed. A character cannot choose a subclass that would Awaken as the same class that the character's main class would. For example, Archmage, Soultaker, Mystic Muse, Storm Screamer, and Soul Hound all Awaken as a Feoh Wizard. Therefore, a character who is an Archmage cannot select a subclass from any of the other four classes listed.

Characters can now switch between their main class, subclass, and dual class without having to speak to an NPC. To switch, go to the Character Status window and find the new buttons at the top right that represent the different classes. Click a button to switch. Characters can switch classes anywhere except in these instanced dungeons: the Teredor raid, Fortuna, Prison of Darkness, Crystal Caverns, Shilen’s Altar, the Hall of the Abyss, and the Seize Your Destiny quest instance.

The Subclass class quest has been replaced with a new one that characters can acquire from the new Subclass NPC, Raina, in Talking Island Village. Raina can also assist characters in creating or resetting their subclasses. Previous NPC functions for changing subclasses have been removed.

Every time a character switches classes, the Identity Crisis debuff is applied. The debuff lasts 15 seconds, during which time the character’s combat abilities are reduced and the character cannot change classes, use skills, or use items other than potions.

Upon the launch of the Goddess of Destruction update, characters with one or more subclasses will receive a Class Change Certificate for each of their subclasses. Using the Class Change Certificate will instantly change the character's current subclass to a desired subclass of the same level and having all skills relevant to that level. However, skill enchantments from the previous subclass will be lost.

At the time of the Goddess of Destruction update, all Subclass Certification skills will be reset, and the item Certificate – Subclass will be removed from the game. Subclass skills will now be certified by speaking with the new Subclass Certifier NPC, Tatum, in Talking Island Village. Previous Subclass Certification functions of Grand Master NPCs will be removed.

A character’s main class and subclass can now both receive the effects of Subclass Certification skills. All existing Subclass Certification skills have been replaced by the following skills:

  • Sub - P. Atk./M. Atk. Increase
  • Sub - P. Def./M. Def. Increase
  • Sub - Atk. Spd./Casting Spd. Increase
  • Sub - Critical Damage Increase
  • Sub - Physical Attribute Resistance Increase
  • Sub - Mental Attribute Resistance Increase
  • Sub - Physical Ability Increase
  • Sub - MP Consumption/Reuse Time Decrease