Skill Enchanting

A new item, Essence of the Giants, has been added to the game. Upon Awakening, a character’s skill enchantments are set to zero, and the character is awarded Skill Points and Essences of the Giants according to the skill enchantment levels the character had before Awakening. (Characters who have reached the maximum amount of Skill Points will not receive additional Skill Points.) The NPC Ravidoff in the Reliquary of the Giants can exchange the appropriate number of Essences of the Giants for a Superior Giant’s Codex. The appropriate Superior Giant’s Codex, Skill Points, and Adena are used to enchant Awakening class skills.

The icons of skills that cannot be enchanted are now highlighted in red.

Item Name

Required Essences of the Giants

Superior Giant's Codex


Superior Giant's Codex - Mastery


Superior Giant's Codex - Discipline


Superior Giant's Codex - Oblivion


Mystery Box of the Giants


The Mystery Box of the Giants is an item that gives a random reward when opened. It could yield one of the four types of Superior Giant’s Codex, or it could be empty.