Changes to Skills

All new skills are now learned through the new Learn Skill tab in the Skill window.

Because the new maximum number of characters in a party is now seven, settings for healer and enchanter classes have changed.



Cardinals, Eva’s Saints, and Shillien Saints now all receive seven Holy Pomanders when they complete their third class transfer. All three types of Holy Pomanders are now destructible. Healers can now learn these additional skills from each other, at the cost of one Holy Pomander per skill:

  • Balance Life
  • Arcane Protection
  • Mass Purify
  • Mass Vitalize
  • Mass Cure Poison

Eva’s Saints and Shillien Saints can now learn the following skills up to the same level as Cardinals:

  • Greater Battle Heal Lv 33
  • Major Heal Lv 11
  • Resurrection Lv 9

The skills Greater Battle Heal and Major Heal can now be upgraded.

The Inquisitor mode has been removed from the game. All debuff and magic skills usable in Inquisitor mode can now be used like normal skills.



The required character level to learn the following Sword Singer and Sword Muse skills has changed:

  • Song of Mediation can now be acquired at level 52 (was level 77).
  • Song of Vitality can now be acquired at level 55 (was level 66).

New skills for Sword Singers and Bladedancers combine the effects of complementing songs and dances. These skills cannot be enchanted and do not stack with regular songs or dances.

Skill Name

Acquisition Level

Skill Effect

Critical Rhythm


Dance of Fire/Song of Hunter

Magic Rhythm


Dance of Mystic/Song of Warding

Wizard Rhythm


Dance of Concentration/Song of Meditation

Combat Rhythm


Dance of Warrior/Song of Earth

Warrior Rhythm


Dance of Fury/Song of Vitality

Revenge Rhythm


Dance of Vampire/Song of Vengeance

Renewal Rhythm


Dance of Siren/Song of Renewal


Other Changes to Skills

  • Skills such as Buff Cancel and Buff Steal now affect only characters.
  • The effects of vampiric skills such as Vampiric Rage are now activated by chance, and now apply to basic ranged attacks and skills as well as melee. Reflect Damage skills now apply to basic ranged attacks and power attack skills as well as melee.
  • Some monsters good for party hunting now use a skill that can be threatening to classes other than Knights. Only Knights can deal with the skill well.
  • These skills usable only by a Berserker equipped with an ancient sword can now be used when equipped with a sword, blunt weapon, spear, fist weapon, dual blunt weapons, or dual swords: Dark Smash, Shoulder Charge, Blade Slash, Storm Assault, and Crush of Pain.
  • When the target's level is higher than a debuff’s skill level, the success rate of the debuff skill decreases according to the level difference.
  • The following skills no longer require Force Energy: Sonic Blaster, Sonic Storm, Double Sonic Slash, Triple Sonic Slash, Sonic Buster, Force Blaster, Force Buster, Force Storm, and Hurricane Assault.



  • The base stats of most transformations have changed to better suit the character’s base stats. Exceptions to this change are special and rare transformations, such as Zaken and Anakim.

The visual effect of applying and canceling transformations has changed. If a character cannot use a transformation-specific item, the item’s icon is now grayed out and disabled.