Clan Wars

Clan wars have been mitigated so that clans can no longer go to war indefinitely or without an outcome. All war information, including statistics such as Mutually Declared, Declared On, and Declared War, have been reset. Clan wars now proceed as follows:


Declaring War

  • War can be declared by clans of level 3 or higher that have at least 15 clan members. Clans declared on must also meet these requirements.
  • A clan can declare war on up to five clans at the same time. There is no limit on how many times a clan can be declared on by other clans.
  • Declaring war can be done by using the /DeclareWar [Clan Name] command, or by using the Declare War option in the Clan window.
  • After a clan declares war, there is a preparation period of three days (72 hours). The clan war starts automatically after three days, although if the opposing clan responses with a declaration of war as well, the clan war starts immediately. 
  • Current clan war information can be checked by using the commands /DeclaredList, /DeclaredOnList, and /ClanWarList. War information can also be checked in the Clan Action window.
  • The declaring clan can retract a war declaration during the three-day preparation period.


Clan War Progress

  • A member of the clan that declared the clan war loses 100% XP if he or she is killed by an opposing clan member. Members of both clans lose 100% XP if killed during a mutually declared war.
  • During the three-day preparation period, regular PvP rules apply and Reputation is affected.
  • During a mutually declared clan war, killing a non-retaliating character who is not Chaotic has no effect on Reputation or PK count. However, PvP count increases.
  • Even during a clan war, attacking an opposing clan member requires a forced attack, which turns the attacker's name purple.
  • In the Clan Action window, under the War Information option, your clan’s current war situation is displayed as Dominating, Superior, Evenly Matched, Inferior, or Overwhelmed.
  • During a castle siege event, castle siege rules overrule clan war rules.


Discerning Friend from Foe

Each member of the declared-on clan displays an enemy mark, which is visible only to members of the declaring clan:

  • During the three-day preparation period, enemy characters display a declaration symbol, which looks like a sword, in the middle of their names.
  • When the clan war begins, enemy characters display a war symbol, which looks like two crossed swords, in the middle of their names.


Outcome and End of Clan War

  • A clan war ends automatically three weeks (21 days) after it starts, at which time the outcome is calculated.
  • The outcome of a clan war is determined by comparing the kill-counts and death-counts of clan members from both sides.
  • After a clan war ends, neither clan can declare war on the other for one week.
  • A clan can declare defeat to the opposing clan one week after the clan war starts. Declaring defeat can be done by using the /DeclareDefeat [Clan Name] command, or by using the Declare Defeat option in the Clan Action window.
  • A clan cannot declare war on a clan to which it has declared defeat within the last three weeks (21 days), and neither can war be declared upon it by the opposing clan.
  • When a clan declares defeat, the clan war ends and is recorded as a win for the opposing clan.