Enchant System Improvements

With the addition of R-Grade and higher items and the Unidentified item system, changes have been made to the basic enchanting system in Lineage II.

The stats for enchanting items that are R-Grade or higher increase at the same rate for Bound and Standard items, but at a higher rate for Blessed items. When R-Grade or higher weapons are enchanted beyond level 4, they offer additional stats:


Additional stats at +4 or higher enchantment level


Increases P. Critical Damage

One-Handed Sword

Increases P. Accuracy and P. Critical Rate

Two-Handed Sword

Increases P. Atk.

Physical One-Handed Blunt Weapon

Increases P. Critical Damage

Combat Weapon

Increases P. Atk. and Atk. Spd.


Increases the number of multiple attacks


Increases the power of physical skills


Increases Atk. Spd.

Magical One-Handed Sword

Increases M. Critical Rate and M. Accuracy

Magical One-Handed Blunt Weapon

Increases M. Critical Damage and M. Accuracy

Magical Two-Handed Blunt Weapon

Increases M. Atk., M. Critical Damage, and Casting Spd.

Dual Sword

Increases P. Atk. and P. Critical Rate

Dual Dagger

Increases P. Atk. and P. Critical Damage

Dual Blunt Weapon

Increases P. Atk. and power of physical skills

Upper Heavy Armor

Increases P. Def. and decreases P. Critical Damage received

Upper Light Armor

Increases P. Evasion, decreases P. Critical Rate received, and increases resistance to abnormal physical states

Upper Robe

Increases P. Evasion and resistance to abnormal mental states

Also, enchanting has been improved so that the HP boost an item receives at level 7 enchantment is now received at level 6 enchantment.