Crystallization and Soul Crystals


All Awakened characters, regardless of race or class, can crystallize items. All characters who are not yet Awakened follow the previous rules, under which only Dwarves can crystallize items.

Crystallizing an R-Grade or higher item yields R-Grade crystals and may also randomly yield an R-Grade enchant scroll, a rare Soul Crystal Fragment, or an R-Grade item crafting material.


Soul Crystals

New Soul Crystals (Red, Blue and Green) and rare Soul Crystals (Yellow, Turquoise, and Purple) for grades R, R95, and R99 have been added to the game. Soul Crystals drop from some monsters, and R-Grade Soul Crystals can also be purchased from Adventurer Guildsman NPCs with seals obtained as rewards from instanced dungeons.

Rare Soul Crystal Fragments obtained from crystallization can be exchanged with a Merchant of Mammon NPC in batches of 10 for a whole rare Soul Crystal of the same color.

Weapons imbued with a special ability by using a rare Soul Crystal can have another special ability added. Imbuing an R-Grade or higher weapon with a special ability requires an R-Grade gemstone, which can be purchased from a Merchant of Mammon NPC.

Bound items cannot be altered with rare Soul Crystals, and regular Soul Crystals cannot be removed from Bound items.