Crafting and Attribute Changes


In Goddess of Destruction, Awakened characters of all races and classes can now craft. However, Dwarves remain the masters of crafting. Dwarves can craft at any level and as any class, up to an item skill of 11. Non-Dwarf Awakened characters can craft common items up to an item skill of 10. Also, while all races of Awakened character can craft R-Grade belts, shirts, bracelets. and elixirs, only Dwarves can craft R-Grade Soulshots, Spiritshots, and Blessed Spiritshots. Recipes for R-Grade shots have been added to the game. There is also a rare possibility of obtaining these recipes by trading seals of Loyalty, Pledge, Sincerity, or Spirit with an Adventurer Guildsmen NPC appearing in certain instanced dungeons.

Most items that are crafted are created as Unidentified items, but there is also a chance of crafting a Standard or Blessed item.

R-Grade items cannot be crafted with conventional materials only. Some special items are required, such as Crafting Solvent or a Dual Sword Craft Stamp. These items can be purchased from Grocer NPCs in any town.


Blacksmith of Mammon

With the changes to item systems and the addition of R-Grade and higher items, the functions of the Blacksmith of Mammon have changed.

Enchantments on a weapon that is being changed into a dual sword will disappear. A dual sword cannot be crafted if one of the ingredients is equipped. Weapons with special abilities cannot be used as ingredients unless they are D- through S-Grade Bound items.

When a Soul Crystal is used on an enchanted weapon, the enchantment will not be removed.


Changes to Attribute Change System

The elemental attribute of S- and S80-Grade weapons can now be changed by using an Attribute Change Crystal – S-Grade, which has been added to the game. The crystal is obtained from the class-specific chest a character receives after Awakening. The crystal cannot be traded, dropped, sold, or destroyed.

Double-clicking on the crystal opens the Attribute Change interface window, if the crystal and the target weapon are both in the character’s inventory. A weapon’s attribute can be changed by selecting the element of choice in the interface window. The Attribute Change crystal does not alter a weapon's enchantment, augmentation, or attribute level. PvP weapons’ attributes can be changed, but a Bound weapon’s attribute cannot be changed.