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Lineage II launched in the West in April 2004. Since then, the game has evolved extensively through many updates. Here you can read the patch notes for each of the game updates since launch.

Know that Lineage II is developed by NCSOFT in Seoul, Korea, where small patches and minor changes are implemented frequently between major game updates. As a foreign Lineage II territory, NCsoft West generally receives these smaller patches in a larger batch, often lumped into the latest game update. For example, some minor changes made to the Goddess of Destruction game update were not implemented in NCSOFT West servers until the Harmony game update launched. At all times, the patch notes listed on this website reflect the reality and timing of game changes for NCSOFT West servers only.

Patch Notes are Time-Sensitive

Remember that the patch notes you read for previous game updates apply only to the time period during which that game version was active on live servers. Notes you read there may have changed with more recent game updates.

Patch Notes Before Goddess of Destruction

Please note that this pageonly lists patch notes for Goddess of Destruction and later game updates. The notes for previous game updates can be seen on the Lineage II Legacy site in the Game Updates section.


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