Where To Go Next

The newbie quest series ends at level level 40 and after your second class transfer. Upon completing your second class transfer, you're advised to look into a quest at the Ivory Tower, and the adventure continues...

You are now on your own and encouraged to explore the world, take on new quests, try out PvP combat, challenge raid bosses of your level, and more.

Hunt in New Places

If you open your map and click on World Info you can find a wealth of information about Hunting Zones.To get started, sort the Hunting Zone list by clicking on the Level column. Scroll to your level range and you will find all the zones that have monsters appropriate for your level. The zones will also show up on your map.


Remember, teleports cost Adena now that you are level 40 or higher, but running is always a cheap and enjoyable option if you like to explore. To see how to teleport to a zone you want to reach, enlarge the map and check the Show Teleport Path box. This displays what town to go to for a direct teleport to your destination.

Teleports between the towns are not displayed, but in general, all towns in the same area are connected by teleport. Simply speak to the Gatekeeper NPC in a town to see which destinations are available.

Join a Clan

Many players enjoy the game most when playing together, and joining a clan opens up a new world of opportunities. To get started, explore the website or forums for clan recruitment listings, or shout “Looking for a Clan” in a major town like Giran or Aden. Joining a clan introduces you to new friends who can provide tips and tricks and support you as you progress through the game. At later levels, you can team up with fellow clan members to challenge powerful raid bosses.

Find a Mentor

Use the Mentoring System to find a high-level player that can be your friend and guide, and receive mutually beneficial buffs that aid you both on your path.

Make Some Money

You can make quite a bit of money by selling unwanted items to NPC vendors. However, crafting materials can often be sold for more if you find a player that wants to buy them. Use the Auction House to sell your crafting items or unbound equipment that you don’t need.

To sell an item on the Auction House, first, browse for the item in the Buy tab to get a general idea about its price. Based on the current price for the item, decide whether to sell it lower, higher, or at the same price. This decision will affect how long it takes the item to sell, as often a low priced item sells fast, and a higher priced item sells at a slower pace. Deciding whether to sell high or low is an art to be perfected! For more ideas on how to earn Adena, visit the forums to read tips from other players.

You can also browser other players' Private Shops in peace zones and see what they are selling and buying.

Complete Quests

The map can also be used to see what quests are appropriate for your level range. The amount of XP and Adena you earn from completing quests after the newbie quest series varies, but it is certainly worthwhile to complete quests. Many repeatable quests can be done multiple times per day and can be a convenient boost if it has you going after the same monsters you'd be hunting for XP in your level range. Daily quests, mostly beginning around level 60, are also rewarding because they are generally simple to complete, hone your skills at particular activities, and allow you to receive daily rewards. Another good quest collection is Kamalokas, which are a series of one-time quests at various level ranges and towns that give you a great XP boost.


Use the Path to Awakening

Continue to claim various useful rewards and equipment from the Path to Awakening as your character progresses through the levels and game world.


Lineage II is a vast game and summarizing all the different things you can do would take a lifetime! We hope you enjoyed this quest guide and that you will continue to enjoy adventuring in Lineage II. Use your Path to Awakening, explore, be social, and most of all, have fun!