Level 1-18

Tutorial QuestsPantheon.jpg

The quest series from level 1 through 18 concentrates on teaching you different game systems and functions as you level up and the story unfolds.

As soon as you create a level 1 character and log in you are already given your first reward from the Path to Awakening. Log in to your customized Path to Awakening, choose the server and character you create, and click Claim to send your reward item to the character in-game.

When you first enter the game, after a cutscene ends, you find yourself in a large, elegant room with glowing lights, other players, and a few NPCs wandering around. Nearby, at the top of a few steps, is the NPC Pantheon. Speak to him, click Quest, and progress through the dialogue to begin the first quest in the series.

Let’s Go to the Central Square

Pantheon asks you to find Theodore in the central square of Talking Island Village. Click to move your character outside, through the doorway to the north. This will initiate a brief cutscene. Go downstairs into the central square of the village and find Theodore in the middle of the square, in front of a fountain. Speak to Theodore, click Quest, and progress through the dialogue to complete the quest.

While you're here, you can speak to the Dimensional Merchant NPC near Theodore. If you went to your Path to Awakening and claimed your level 1 reward, you can click Retrieve Dimensional Item and receive you 7-day Assassin's Bamboo Hat Pack! Note that the 7-day time will begin to tick down once you open the pack and retrieve the actual hat. When you equip the hat, you not only look cool, but you also have an item skill. Open your Skills window and find the Assassin's Bamboo Hat speed skill in the list. This skill will make your character move a bit faster for a little while.

Don’t forget to speak to Theodore again and to accept the next quest in the series: Qualifications of the Seeker.

Qualifications of the Seeker

Find Shannon in the Training Grounds. Notice that a shining ring of light and an arrow have appeared around your character. The arrow points out a direct path to your objective, Shannon, on the other side of a building to the east. You can also see your destination by opening your map (ALT+M) and finding the quest marker that shows you where she is. Find Shannon, talk to her, and complete the quest. Your character is now level two!

Searching for the Mysterious Power

Accept the next quest. From Shannon, follow the Training Camp Soldier NPC north down the hill until you see Evain. Following his instructions, use your weapon to attack a scarecrow nearby.


Once the scarecrow is defeated, return to Evain and update the quest. Speak to the Newbie Guide NPC to receive buffs, and then defeat another scarecrow. Talk to Evain and complete the quest.  Your character is now level three and has received various weapons!

You’ve received new weapons! Before continuing, take a look at the weapons your character just received. Some weapons will suit your character and class better than others. If you’re playing a mystic class, use a staff (good for spell casting) or a club (good for casting and hitting). If you’re playing a fighter, use the dagger, sword, bow and arrows, or fist weapons, depending on what kind of fighter you plan to become in later classes. Skills you gain later may be weapon-specific, but at these early levels it is not terribly important which weapon you choose.

Talk to Evain again to accept the next quest.

Going into a Real War, Let’s Go to the Underground Training Field!

Follow another Training Camp Soldier NPC further north down the hill to Holden. Speak to Holden to enter the Underground Training Field. This will be your character's first confrontation with monsters.

Your first fight! You’ve been tasked to kill monsters. Don’t worry, the monsters for this quest will not attack you until you attack them. If you’re playing a fighter, simply attack a monster. If you’re playing a mystic, use your magic spell on it. Continue to attack the monster until it is dead. If your character's HP decreases too far for comfort, use a healing potion to avoid dying. Don’t forget to pick up whatever items the monsters drop; your character may be able to equip some of them.

Attack and kill the Husk Crawlers you see. Talk to the Guard NPC to update the quest and receive your first Soulshots or Spiritshots (depending on your character's class type).

Soulshots and Spiritshots. You have just received one of these items from this quest. If you’re playing a mystic, you’ve been given Spiritshots, which boost your magical attacks. If you’re playing a fighter, you’ve been given Soulshots to boost your physical attacks. To use any kind of shot, drag the icon to the shortcut bar and right-click it so that it shimmers. This will automatically apply shots to every attack you make.

Talk to the Guard again, then hunt and kill Husk Crawlers again until you clear the room. It’s time to leave the underground dungeon and return to Shannon. Speak to Aymen to go back outside.  Report back to Shannon. Your character is now level 4 (if you didn't already level up while fighting in the dungeon)!

Finding Magister GallintLearnSkill.png

From Shannon, go to the Administration Office on the west side of Talking Island Village and talk to Gallint to complete the quest. Your character is now level 5 and can learn new skills!

Learning new skills. Click on the open book icon that has appeared on your screen to go to the Learn Skill tab of your Skills window. You can access this window at any time and in any place. At this level, your character will have enough SP (Skill Points) to learn all the available skills for your level. At later levels, you may have to prioritize which skills to improve immediately and which skills you have less need of.

Searching for New Power

Gallint tells you to go speak to a NPC that is a Master of your race. Which NPC you need to talk to differs depending on your character's race. All of the race masters are located in the Administration Building. The one you need to speak with will be of your character's race and will have a quest icon over his or her head. Speak to your race master and then return to Gallint. Your character is now level 6!

Respect Your Elders!

Speak to Pantheon in the Museum and complete the quest. Your character is now level 7!

Intruder Who Wants the Book of Giants

Speak to Pantheon to accept the quest and to be teleported to the inner room of the Museum building. Run around the room and interact with each desk until you see a messaging saying that you’ve found the book and that you’re being attacked. You won't be able to kill the enemies by yourself; the Museum Keeper NPC needs to kill them, but he will only attack the enemies if you use a combat skill on them (regular 'attack' will not suffice). When the enemies are dead, speak to the Museum Keeper to leave the inner room. Speak to Pantheon to complete the quest. Your character is now level 8 and has received new accessories!

Magic accessories and their uses. Magic accessories are jewelry items, such as earrings, rings, and necklaces. While magic accessories do not increase your character's attack power, they do boost your character's magical defense, which is extremely important. As you level up, be sure to update your accessories along with your other equipment.

Request of Sealed Evil Fragments

Talk to Pa’agrio Lord Kakai at the Administration Office and give him the quest item (by progressing through the dialogue) to complete the quest. Your character is now level 9!

Backup Seekers


Follow Bart, the runner NPC, east to the Dwarf Workshop Apprentice NPC in the central square. Talk to her to ride a Kookaru temporary mount for one minute. On the Kookaru, follow the guide down the road out of town northeast until you find Atran. Speak to him to complete the quest. Your character is now level 10 and has received new accessories!

Avoid the death penalty. If you have the Tutorial Voice sound effect turned on, you will also hear a messaging saying that from now on, you will receive a penalty if your character dies. Characters of level 10 and higher lose a small amount of XP when they die and also receive the death penalty debuff, Shilen’s Breath, which wears off after a few minutes, depending on the debuff level. It’s nothing your character can’t handle: the whole point is to prevail without dying!

To the Ruins of Ye Sagira

Accept the next quest and ride another Kookaru to your destination: the Ruins of Ye Sagira. The ruins are at the end of the northern path. Upon arriving, talk to Lakcis. Your character is now level 11 and has received new armor!

You have received new armor! Armor increases your character's defense rating so that your character can sustain physical attacks better. Armor items also change the appearance of your character’s clothing, so it’s a fun and rewarding experience to be able to wear new armor. Armor is affected by item grades, so wearing armor with an item grade range that matches your grade level is best. Be sure to update your armor as you reach new item grades.

Roles of the Seeker

Enter the Ruins of Ye Sagira and talk to Chesha. Your character is now level 12!

In the next quests, you’ll be moving around the Ruins of Ye Sagira, talking to NPCs and killing monsters, or performing other tasks to complete quests. Use the main teleport device to enter the ruins. The ruins are divided into five Exploration Zones, and the quest series will naturally guide you through each zone with different tasks. Use blue teleport devices to move through the Exploration Zones sequentially, and red teleport devices to move back to the previous zone. Some of the stone floors in each zone are damaged, and you will need to find the glowing blue pathways to move to the other side.


Try to complete the following quests on your own (they are listed in order that you receive them from NPCs as you progress naturally through the quest series):

Certification of the Seeker

Hunt ten Husk Stalkers and five Husk Crawlers in Exploration Zone 1.

Request of the Seeker

Use the /sorrow emote on five corpses in Exploration Zone 2.


Obligations of the Seeker

Hunt Husk Warpers and a Husk Avian to collect five Dirty Pieces of Paper (quest items) in Exploration Zone 3.

Seeker Escort

In Exploration Zone 4, escort a bloodhound, King, around the zone to find a missing person. Be sure to stay close to the bloodhound: if you get separated, he will bark to ask you to catch up, but if you are apart for too long, he will disappear and you will have to start the quest over by speaking to Def again. Targeting the bloodhound and zooming out your camera above your character helps you keep track of his as you follow him around the zone. Your character may draw agro from monsters as you follow King; you can choose to stop and fight them quickly, or to let them follow you while you complete the journey. If you choose not to stop to fight the monsters, make sure to consume health potions to prevent your character from being killed. At some point, you will follow the bloodhound to a Teleporter which you must interact with and move to the next Exploration Zone in order to continue. Once you reach the missing person, Sebion, talk to him to complete the quest and get the next one.

Ruins Status Update

Return to Talking Island Village by using a Scroll of Escape or by using the Teleporters in Ye Sagira to return to the observation area and then to the town. Talk to your race master in the Administration Office to complete the quest.


By now, your character is level 18 and you can begin your first class transfer quest! Class transfer quests are more involved and challenging than regular quests. The walkthrough for this quest will contain all the detail you need in order to prevail and evolve!