Welcome to Lineage II! The newbie quest series (and this guide) allow you to level your character to level 40 or higher in a matter of only a few hours. This guide is suited to players who are already somewhat comfortable with the game’s interface and controls, such as the radar map. If you are not familiar with the game controls or the basics of the game, please see the How to Play guide before continuing.

Tips for general gameplay:

  • Always have your Spiritshots or Soulshots in your shortcut bar and activated (by right-clicking them).
  • Use healing potions (when you receive them) as necessary.
  • Never leave town without buffs from the Newbie Guide NPC. These make a world of difference to attack power, defense, run and casting speeds, and more.
  • Pick up everything that drops from monsters.
  • Have at least one Scroll of Escape at all times. This is a cheap consumable item that teleports your character to the nearest town (so your character doesn't have to run there). They can be purchased from any Grocer NPC.
  • Use caution when attacking a monster that is close to others of the same type, as the adjacent monsters will most likely also attack you.
  • Use your customized Path to Awakening. This service is a feature of the Truly Free business model which rewards you with free equipment and items as you reach various milestones in your character's career. By using the Path to Awakening, you will have virtually no need for addition armor, weapons, accessories, or even Adena until you reach your Awakening at level 85!

The Path to Awakening as well as the quests in this series will provide your character with all the items during your progress. If you want to reach level 20 in less than an hour, and level 40 in only a few more hours, do not spend time buying and selling items, visiting your warehouse, or picking up additional quests other than Kamalokas.

In general, when you complete a quest by speaking to a NPC, be sure to talk to that NPC again to accept the next quest in the series. Some quests involve nothing more than finding and talking to a particular NPC. This guide will start out by giving thorough details for each quest step, and then will gradually become less detailed.

The newbie quest series that takes your character from level 1 to level 40 has a clear flow. This guide will take you through these quests, and you will soon be adept at carrying out quests and recognizing how to follow the flow of the game.

Begin the Newbie Quest Series