PIN Security System

What is a PIN?

The login PIN system acts as a secondary password that is designed to thwart keyloggers and increase the security of your account. You will be prompted to enter your PIN when you select a character to log into the game with. In the same play session you can switch to different characters on that server without being prompted a second time, but you will need to enter your PIN again if you switch to a character on a different server or re-launch the game client.

  • Since the Goddess of Destruction update launched in November 2011, players are required to create a PIN to make their account more secure.
  • All characters on a single game account, even across different servers, share the same PIN.
  • You can change your PIN in-game if you know your original PIN.
  • If you enter the wrong PIN 5 times, your account is locked for 8 hours before you can attempt to log in again. You can end the account lock out early by logging into your account through the website and following the Resetting a Lost PIN instructions.
  • If you lose or forget your PIN, you can reset your lost PIN by logging into your account management page of the website.


Creating Your PIN

Upon logging in to your account for the first time, choose a server, select a character, and click Start to log in as that character. The following dialog box will appear:



  • You cannot use the keyboard to enter the PIN. This is so that key logging programs will not be able to track the number.
  • Your PIN cannot contain sequential numbers or any numbers in a pattern.
  • The numbers change positions on the on-screen number pad each time you are prompted to enter your PIN. This is so that even programs that track the mouse cursor’s movement won’t be able to record what you’re doing.

pinsystem2.jpg pinsystem3.jpg pinsystem4.jpg

Enter your chosen PIN using your mouse. Verify your PIN by entering the same number into the second window that appears.

Once you have entered the same number twice, click the OK button.


Click OK a second time to confirm that you are setting your PIN to the number you entered and verified. From now on, you must enter this number into the PIN prompt to be able to enter the game.

Now that you’ve set up your PIN you can use it to enter the game.

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Changing Your PIN

You can change your PIN at any time using the Change Character PIN option on the screen, but keep in mind that you will need to have your current PIN in order to create a new one.



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Resetting a Lost PIN

Resetting your PIN through the NC Account system

  1. Log in to your NC Account. This is the same login ID you use for the game account for which you lost or forgot the PIN.
  2. Click on "MANAGE" on the Lineage II section of My Games.


  1. Click on Change Character PIN.


  1. Verify your identity by entering your date of birth.
  2. Choose a new PIN and confirm it in the next two data fields. The new PIN must match the same requirements as explained when setting a PIN in-game: it must be 6- to 8-digits long and cannot contain sequential numbers or any numbers in a pattern.


Your PIN has been reset. You can now enter the new PIN number when logging into the game.

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