Macros and Commands

Once you’re comfortable with general gameplay in Lineage II, you can begin to explore the use of various chat commands, slash commands, Alt-key shortcuts, and macros. Commands provide additional actions that are not available through the in-game user interface. Chat commands and slash commands can be entered by typing them in the chat window, followed by the parameter, if required.


Chat commands

Basic Chat – To chat with other players in the nearby area, type what you wish to say and hit Enter.

Clan Chat – Type the "@" symbol and a message, and the message will be displayed to other members of your clan.

Alliance Chat – Type the "$" symbol and a message, and the message will be displayed to other members of your alliance.

Party Chat – Type the "#" symbol and a message, and the message will be displayed to all members of your current party.

Trade Chat – Type the "+" symbol before a message to send your message to the trade chat channel.

Whisper – Whisper is a private conversation between you and one other player only. Type a quotation mark (") before the name of the character you want to whisper to, then enter your message and hit Enter.

Shout – Type the "!" symbol followed by a message to shout the message to all players in a large area. There are chat filters enabled in Lineage II to help protect against spam and other abuse of Shout.

Hero – Type the "%" symbol followed by a message to broadcast the message to all players on the server. This channel can only be used by Heroes once every 10 seconds.

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Slash Commands

Although most of these commands can also be performed by clicking its respective action icon in the Action window, the written slash command is useful for writing macros.

Friend and Ignore

Movement, Time, and Recording Gameplay


Display your friend list


Displays your character's current location in x, y, z coordinates

/friendinvite [name]

Add a player to your friend list


Displays the current in-game time (not real-life time)

/frienddel [name]

Remove a player from your friend list


Sit down, rest, replenish HP and MP


List of blocked players


Stand up

/block [name]

Add a player to the block list (ignore and stop trade)


Toggle walk on/off

/unblock [name]

Remove a player from the block list


Toggle run on/off


Block whispers from all players


Mount or dismount a pet


Remove the whisper block


Begin recording gameplay


Recommend another player


Stop recording gameplay

GM and Petition


Start/Stop recording gameplay

/gm [message]

Initiate a petition to the GM staff



Cancel a petition that has already been sent

/invite [name]

Invite to party


Move a character that may be trapped


Leave current party


/dismiss [name]

Dismiss from party (leader only)

/attack [target]

Attack the target


Look for a party

/attackforce [target]

Force attack a target


Display information about the party

/attackstand [target]

Attack while in a fixed position


Give authority to a party member (party leader only)

/target [target]

Select target



Select next attackable target


Pick up nearest object

/assist [target]

Choose the selected target

/trade [target]

Trade with the player targeted


Displays wins, defeats, and Olympiad points for the current period

/vendor [item]

Set up a private store for selling


/buy [item]

Set up a private store for buying


Set your own title


Set up a private Dwarven crafting store


Display list of clans on which your clan has declared war but have not declared in return


Set up a private common crafting store


Display list of opposing clans that have declared war on your clan but that your clan has not declared in return

/findprivatestore [text]

Highlight private stores that match search criteria text


Display list of opposing clans and friendly forces that have mutually declared war on one another


Open a private store for package sale


Declare war against an enemy clan



End a clan war




Lists clan members within the siege zone (Noblesse clan leaders only)


Commands a servitor to attack.


View a list of any clan penalties


Commands a servitor to maintain its position.



Commands a servitor to move.


Commands a pet to attack.


Commands a servitor to stop.


Commands a pet to move.


Dismisses a servitor.


Reverts a pet back to its item.



Commands a pet to pick up an object.


Assign Token 1 to target.


Command a pet to hold its position.


Assign Token 2 to target.


Command a pet to stop.


Assign Token 3 to target.



Assign Token 4 to target.

/duel [target]

Challenge another player to a one-on-one duel


Select Token 1 as a target.

/partyduel  [target]

Challenge a group to a party duel


Select Token 2 as a target.


End the duel early


Select Token 3 as a target.

Instanced Dungeons


Select Token 4 as a target.


Displays the time remaining before you can enter the instanced dungeons again.

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ALT Command Toggle Description and Shortcut Keys

ALT commands are available when the game settings are set to default. To bypass the necessity of hitting ALT along with a command key, go to System Menu, then  Options, then Shortcuts and check the Enter Chat box at the top left. This allows you to hit the letter key without having to hit ALT as well.

ALT Command


ALT Command



Community Window

ALT + V or TAB

Inventory Window


Actions Window


Open/shut all user interface windows


Toggles between buffs, debuffs, and dances while grouped


System Menu


Hide/Show user interface


MSN Messenger


Chat Window

ALT + .

Mute all game sounds


Skill Window

ALT + Enter

Toggles between full screen and windowed mode


Resets your user interface windows to default locations

Alt + F1-F10

Turn the pages in the shortcut key window



ALT + Up Arrow/Down Arrow

Toggles whispered player names in chat window


Clan Window

ALT + Page Up/Page Down

Toggles between chat tabs

Alt + O

Open the GM petition window


Cancel the current target and closes user interface windows


Toggles between high and low graphic settings


Use assigned shortcut keys


Macro Window

Page Up/Down

Cycle between three different camera views


Character Status


Hold down Ctrl while attacking to attack other players (PvP) or friendly NPCs


Quest Window

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A macro is a function that makes it possible to perform a series of actions. To open the Macro window, press Alt + R or click Macro in the System Menu. From within the Macro menu, you may create, edit, or delete macros. Once you have created a macro, drag the macro icon to your shortcut bar to make it easily accessible. You can create and use up to 48 macros for each character.


Creating and Editing Macros

Once in the Macro window, click Add to start creating a new macro.

  • Select an icon for the macro. This is how you will refer to it when it is on your shortcut bar.
  • Name the macro. This is what you see when you mouse over the icon.
  • Give an acronym for the macro. These letters will appear over the macro icon itself to help you identify it.
  • You can choose to provide a description of the macro by clicking More Info.
  • Enter up to 12 commands. Slash (/) commands and chat symbols supported in the game can be used in macros. Substitute characters can also be used to add additional delays or input a desired name.

Substitute Characters for Macros

Substitute characters are commands for which the target's name is automatically incorporated into the macro function.

%target: The name of the current target is shown

%self: Character's own name is shown

%pet: Character's pet's name is shown

%party1  -  %party8: First through eighth party members' names are shown

Macro Commands

/delay [time]: Wait until time (sec). If this command is entered, the following command will be performed after waiting the given number of seconds.

Other slash commands that can also be used in macros:

/sit, /stand, /sitstand, /walk, /run, /walkrun, /attack, /attackforce, /exchange, /targetnext, /pickup, /assist, /invite, /leave, /partymatching, /vendor, /buy, /personalmanufacture, /mountdismount, /socialno, /socialyes, /socialbow, /socialunaware, /socialwaitinga, /sociallaugh, /socialapplause, /socialdance, /socialsad, /time, /loc, /partyinfo

Cancelling a Macro Action

If you start a macro but want to stop it from running, simply say something in chat or move your character.

Examples of some useful macros

Target Self for Heal

/target %self
/useskill Battle Heal

Pet Attack


Assist another player in combat

/target (name)

Macro Restrictions

A macro's name can be up to 12 characters, and the description can be up to 32 characters. Each individual macro has a total of 12 input (or command) rows. One slash command and its accompanying details can be typed into the input window with a maximum of 32 characters. A macro cannot be used within another macro. When using chat functions in a macro, the output is delayed automatically in the chat window to prevent excessive chat or spam. However, the buy/sell window does not require a delay.

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