The Game

New to the game? Here is everything you need to start your adventures. Veteran player? This is the place to find detailed game information.

Game Overview

A description of core gameplay elements and what makes Lineage II unique among fantasy MMOs.

Game Installation

System requirements, download links, and installation instructions.

Getting Started

Ready to get started in the world of Aden? Here are the basics, for new players and veterans who want a quick review.

Patch Notes

Loyal Lineage II players, the game you love is even better! Read all the details about the changes in Goddess of Destruction.


Are you a human, an elf, or something else? Choose your race, and start toward your path to destiny.


Are you a fighter or a mystic? Explore the game's classes, and choose the one that suits you best.

Path to Awakening

Follow your personalized path, and claim rewards for the milestones you reach.

The Library

The repository for all Lineage II knowledge! This is the place to go for detailed game knowledge about zones, quests, PvP activities, items, lore, and more.